Culinary Institute of New Orleans Cricket Club Banquet Policy
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CONTRACTS: Written proposals will be presented for client acceptance, which will constitute the contract. Accepted proposals contain the set date, commencement time, conclusion time, foods, beverages and all banquet requirements.

The set date, commencement time, and conclusion time are nontransferable. Date and time changes may result in a new contract and reservation. Time overage will result in additional room charges ($850.00 per hour) plus any other costs incurred by the facility.

DEPOSIT: A 25% deposit is due upon reservation (availability is guaranteed when a deposit is received).

PAYMENT: Banquets are open credit accounts secured by a credit card voucher prior to the banquet. Clients authorize charges and guarantee payment upon proposal acceptance. Payment in full is due at the banquet. Check payment requires further approval. Collection fees (1.5% per month delinquent fee, 40% Attorney fee) are due after the banquet date on all unpaid balances.

HEAD COUNT: This is the total number of guests for a banquet including the client. Pricing, table set-up and room arrangement is based on head count. All contracts identify a head count which may be changed up to three (3) business days prior to the banquet. A final head count guarantee is required from the client three (3) business days prior to the banquet date. Fluctuations in head count beyond 10% warrant a new contract. A reduction in the head count on the accepted proposal may result in a price change. Facility approved increases may occur within the three (3) day period. Payment due will be based on a final head count guarantee plus any increase as reflected in actual attendance or required service(s).

SET-UP: All banquet requirements will be contained in the proposal. Client changes may be accepted prior to the Banquet (to facilitate Banquet set up).

FOOD: Banquet selections are available for parties of 75 or greater. Preset pricing may
be arranged for smaller parties from our Daily Menus. All selections are based upon fresh product availability, substitutions may be required.

OPEN BAR: 1st Hour Add’l Hour(s)
Elite Brands, Wine & Beer: $15.95 per person $ 10.95 per person
Premium Brands, Wine & Beer: $12.95 per person $ 7.95 per person
Select Brands, Wine & Beer: $9.95 per person $ 4.95 per person

Open tab per drink paid by Client

Individual Guests pay per drink
A Banquet Wine List is available. A corkage fee ($15.00 per bottle minimum, plus 30% retail price) will be charged on client supplied wines not available to banquet facility with prior approval. Tea or soda is available @ $1.50 each.

ROOMS: A private room is available at the Restaurant for parties of 75 or greater.

DECORATIONS/ENTERTAINMENT: Decorations and/or entertainment must be approved in advance.

CONTACT: All Banquet decisions must be made by one designated contact person from the group. Mutually agreed written contracts take precedence over verbal instructions.

VALET: Complimentary Valet Parking and Security Guard Service is provided at the restaurant (Chef's Table, next door). Instruct guests to pull up to the front door (Chef's Table) and the valet will accommodate. Then, walk next door, on St. Charles Avenue to the Cricket Club.

OFF-SITE CATERING: Additional charges for off-site catered functions are necessary for delivery/pickup, bartending, wait staff, servers, chefs, supplies and equipment, as needed.

TAX/GRATUITY: All Banquets are charged 9.5% Tax and 18% Gratuity on entire payment due.

TASTINGS: Tastings are available, but will be billed and paid at the tasting by the client.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Photographer, Florist, Musicians, Decorations, etc. are available.

DONT'S: No rice, other objects and projectiles are allowed to be thrown or disbursed on premise. No food, beverage, personnel (other than guests) or decoration is allowed to be brought on premise unless clearly and precisely written into the accepted proposal. Smoking in any area of the facility is prohibited.

All policies are part of the banquet contract.

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