Culinary Insitute of New Orleans

Creole Sauce
Serves 39 (3 ounce portions)

2 Onions, diced
2 Green Peppers, diced
2 Yellow Peppers, diced
4 tbsp. Garlic, minced
1 can Tomatoes (10#)
4 oz. Tomato Paste
2 tbsp. Thyme, minced
1/2 oz. Crystal Hot Sauce

Saute onions, green pepper and yellow pepper till translucent over medium high heat in sauce pan. Add tomato paste with balloon whisk and cook for 5 minutes. Add crushed tomatoes with juice and stir. Bring to boil for 2 minutes, reduce heat to medium and simmer for about 45 minutes. Add thyme, garlic, salt and pepper for 3 minutes, transfer to 1/3 pan and keep warm