Culinary Insitute of New Orleans

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Specialty Hors D'Oeuvres

Shrimp Mousse Cones
Mini Savory Cones piped with a delicate Shrimp Mousse, crowned with a Shrimp Tail and Chives.
$1.50 each/$150.00 for 100

Soft Shell Crab Legs
Sectioned, flash fried and served with a Wasabi Aioli dipping sauce.
$2.25 each/$225.00 for 100

New Orleans Sushi
Traditional Stewed Kidney Beans and Pickled Pork Strips streaked with Cajun Fire rolled in Sticky Rice and dusted in Corn Bread Crumbs.
$1.20 each/$120.00 for 100

Paté Horns
Classic Chopped Liver in a Whole Wheat Horn with Cornichon.
$2.25 each/$225.00 for 100

Crab Glacé
Blue Crab Claw Meat Glacé atop a Parmesan Toast Point.
$2.00 each/$200.00 for 100

Oyster Cups
Raw Oysters in a Cracker Cupp with a Horseradish Sauce.
$1.75 each/$175.00 for 100

Oyster Spoon
Asian Spoon with a Raw Oyster topped with Horseradish Sauce and a Chowder Cracker.
$1.75 each/$175.00 for 100

Crawfish Pie
Mini Shells filled with Etouffee topped with a Crawfish Tail.
$1.20 each/$120.00 for 100

Oyster Patties
Mini Puffed Pastry Shells piped with an Oyster Leek Cream topped with a Flash Fried Oyster.
$1.75 each/$175.00 for 100

Paté Squares
Classic Formed Meat in a Puffed Pastry centered with a Cornichon and cut into serving squares.
$2.25 each/$225.00 for 100

Salmon Flowers
Cucumber Florettes piped with a Watercress, Purple Onion and Boiled Egg Cream Cheese Spread, topped with a Gravlox Flower, Caper and Dill.
$1.50 each/$150.00 for 100

Sweet Pepper Poppers
Mini multi-colored Sweet Peppers filled with Alligator Sausage topped with a Whipped Creole Mustard Sauce.
$1.25 each/$125.00 for 100

Beef Tip Pirogue
Tender Filet Tips sautéed in Garlic Butter served in a French Loaf.
$1.75 each/$175.00 for 100

Smashed Potato Martini Station
Condiments: Creamy Butter, Sour Cream, Cheddar Cheese, Green Onions, Smoked Bacon, Chives, Chopped Broccoli, Chopped Spinach, Truffle Oil, Caviar and Mushroom Demi Glacé
$5.00 per person

Paté Tray
Assorted Smoked Seafood Tray
Eggplant Mum
Marinated Crab Claws
Shrimp Boat, Oyster Boat, Crawfish Boat
Oyster on the Half Shell (Shucker, extra $40.00)
Boiled Shrimp
Salmon Board (Smoked, Cured or Whole Poached)
Assorted Seafood Bar

Market Price
Market Price
Market Price
Market Price
Market Price
Market Price

(All desserts $15 per dozen)

Mini Fruit Tarts
Mini Lemon Tart
Mini Pecan Pie
Mini Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Coulis
Mini Swans
Mini Cream Puffs
Mini Cream Horns
Mini Eclairs (Chocolate or Praline)
Petis Four
Rum Balls
Bourbon Balls
Amaretto Balls
Crocanbouch (17")
Mediterranean Fresh Fruit Layered Cake
St. Honoré
Cheese Cake
Flourless Chocolate Cake


Specialty Cakes

French Kiss Cake (Wedding)*
Alternating multi-layers of Red Velvet and Almond Cake with a Kirsch Cream Maraschino Cherry filling.

Temptress Cake (Rehearsal)*
Multi-layers of moist Chocolate Cake with a Tiramisu filling, topped with Mini Chocolate Apple Bombs centered with an oozing marshmallow cream and accented with a piped snake base.

*Custom Wedding Cakes and Specialty Cakes priced upon request.