Culinary Insitute of New Orleans

Academic Progress
Students must also meet satisfactory progress in terms of their academic achievement. Academic progress is determined by evaluating the students' written tests and practical clinic work. Students who maintain an academic grade point average of 71 or above will be considered as making satisfactory academic progress.

The grade point average is determined according to the following formula: Theory Grade + 3 X Practical Lab Grade divided by 4.

The Culinary Institute of New Orleans uses the following grading scale:
91 - 100--Excellent
81 - 90--Good
71 - 80--Satisfactory
Below 71--Failure

Academic progress shall be measured at the same measuring points of scheduled hours as attendance evaluations.   Students who meet an academic grade of 71 or above and an attendance of 67% or above for the internship shall be considered to be making satisfactory progress until the next regularly scheduled evaluation.   If students receive scholarship aid, such aid eligibility shall continue until the next evaluation.   Students who fail to meet these requirements shall be placed on probation.