Culinary Insitute of New Orleans

Satisfactory Progress Policy
Satisfactory progress in attendance and academic work in the Internship is a requirement for all students. Students must meet satisfactory progress requirements in terms of attendance and academics at least once by the midpoint of their Internship segment of the course. (Note: Students receiving funds under any scholarship program must maintain satisfactory progress in order to continue eligibility for such funds.)

A student progress report is issued to each student at every scheduled evaluation period. This report will contain:
1) the identification of the evaluation period,
2) the scheduled hours for this period,
3) the actual hours the student attended in this period,
4) the student's academic average achieved in this period, and
5) the student's progress status: satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

A student not making satisfactory progress will be placed on probation. Whenever students receive a student progress report, students are afforded an opportunity to be counseled and advised.

Quantitative Measure Of Satisfactory Progress
Each time a student is scheduled to complete a segment of hours in column I, the student must have attended the corresponding number of hours shown in column II for the Internship.

175 117
450 300
900 600
1350 900

Attendance Evaluations
In order to maintain satisfactory progress, the students' attendance will be evaluated at specific measuring points. Students need to have attended 67% of the scheduled Internship hours at each evaluation. The measuring points in terms of scheduled Internship hours will be evaluated each month.

For example, if a student has attended only 90 hours at the measuring point of 175 scheduled hours, his or her attendance rate would be 51.4% — below the minimum requirement of 67% attendance.

Such a student will be placed on probation. Students who attain the required 67% attendance at a measuring point shall be considered making satisfactory attendance progress until the next scheduled measuring point evaluation. Satisfactory attendance is required for students participating in scholarship aid programs. Attendance eligibility for scholarship aid shall continue until the next regularly scheduled evaluation. Students who do not maintain a 67% attendance at all scheduled measuring points shall be placed on probation.