Culinary Insitute of New Orleans

Rules and Regulations
Dress Code:
Women are required to wear: white CINO chef coats with white shirt and brassiere beneath, black/white hounds tooth chef pants, CINO chef hat or CINO neckerchief with the Instructor's permission and solid black closed-type non-slip sole shoes. Men are required to wear: white CINO chef coats with white shirt beneath, black/white hounds tooth chef pants, CINO chef hat or CINO neckerchief with the Instructor's permission and solid black closed-type non-slip sole shoes. All students must wear I.D. badges and dress in a professional and tasteful manner. No jewelry. Proper grooming and personal hygiene is essential.

Classes must be attended at their scheduled starting times. Late slips given by the office are accepted.   Anyone arriving after his or her scheduled time without a late slip will be sent home. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Students must report for class in proper uniform and with all necessary supplies (kit, notebook, pencil or pen, and textbook). Instructors must be informed at class commencement of any written permission granted for early leave. Any student absent on the day before a holiday will be suspended one day when school resumes.

Time Cards:
Each Student is required to check in and out via the time clock. Institute instructors will check in all students at the scheduled class time through roll call. Credit is given for the hours shown on the time report. Time reports are the property of the Institute and must not leave the Institute. No student is permitted to handle another student's I.D. Anyone caught using another student's I.D. will be dismissed.

All actual hours attended during regular school hours will be applied to total clock hours. All students are required to check in and out with Instructors for each class, no exceptions. Students who leave school early without permission and who do not clock in or sign out will be suspended for one day. It is important that all students examine their progress reports to assure proper clock hours.

Students may go out for lunch or eat in the Institute after permission has been obtained from their Institute class Instructor. Permission shall be granted only when work assigned is complete. Students must check in and out for lunch with their assigned Instructor. Institute Instructors must verify all students leaving and returning for lunch. Students may not wait for other students to go to lunch. All lunch debris (wrappers, soda cans, etc.) must be disposed of immediately after eating. No trash may be placed outside the building. Students are allowed to eat or drink inside the building only in designated areas, not classrooms.

Absolutely no smoking is permitted anywhere in the Institute.

Chewing Gum:
Gum chewing is not permitted.

Students may not use customer parking spaces. Without customers, both the Institute and all students suffer greatly. Customers must come first. Students violating this rule will be subject to suspension.

Students are not allowed in the lobby area or outside the school. No sitting, standing, or eating outside the building. Students must stay in their assigned area. When school begins, students must be in their assigned classrooms. No loitering in hallways, lab area(s), or lounge. Students are not allowed to rest, to recline, to sleep, etc. on campus. Students who become ill must get permission to be excused.

Student family and friends may visit the Institute only after obtaining permission from an instructor. Their visit must be conducted in the Institute's reception area for a period not to exceed 10 minutes. Students may show visitors the Institute by scheduled appointment only. Students with small children may not bring them to the Institute. Students are not allowed to visit in plain clothes when not in attendance for the day.

Phone Calls:
Institute telephones are limited to business calls only. Students' families and friends may contact them on the pay phone. Student phone calls are limited to times when assigned work permits and by obtaining permission from their Instructor.

Course Work:
All make up work (assignments, tests, etc.) is given by appointment only on Friday after 2:30 P.M. Students are responsible for pursuing information about missed assignments and tests.

Students must use Institute food products. No outside products or ingredients are allowed.

Soiled towels must be placed in a hamper immediately after use. Do not leave towels at work stations.

Clean Up:
Each student is responsible for his or her working area throughout the day. Students must wipe off their station area. Keeping the Institute clean is part of student training. Students are graded on their ability to obey all sanitation and sterilization rules. Each station reflects its student. As a team, students are required to assist fellow students in cleaning even if they have finished cleaning their station.

All students must stay in their own departments. There will be no visiting during breaks. All students must report to their assigned classrooms for study period. No loitering in hallways, clinic area, or lounge. Any student not in their assigned department without an Instructor’s permission, will be written up.

Students must keep their personal belongings, books, and other equipment locked in lockers at all times. The Institute is not responsible for lost articles. Lockers may
be inspected at any time. Student names and locker numbers must be listed in the Institute's Administrative Office.

No student is permitted to cook using equipment or products supplied by customers unless special written permission is given by an Institute Instructor. Students must not converse with others while serving a customer. All student work must be inspected by an Institute Instructor when completed. Any unreasonable display of disrespect to customers may result in dismissal. Without customers, students cannot gain practical work experience or learn how to communicate and cope with people. Professional attitudes are essential.

A disrespectful attitude toward Institute Instructors, uncomplimentary remarks, and refusal to do assigned work may result in dismissal. Any student displaying or engaging in physical or distasteful verbal abuse may be terminated.

Institute Instructors provide all student training and instruction. Instruction by a fellow student is prohibited.

All student work must be checked by Institute Instructors. Instructors have the authority to make inspections of all lockers, student kits, book bags, and student stations at any time. When not serving customers, students are expected to devote time to textbooks, manuals, work sheets, continued prep production or cleaning.

Administrative Office:
All student business will be conducted in the Institute's Administrative Office. Appointments and agendas are required to conduct student business. Each time a student changes his or her schedule, there will be a $150.00 administrative charge.

Tools and equipment will be issued throughout training. Replacement and special items are available from the Institute at student discount prices. Borrowing equipment is prohibited. All equipment issued to each student must be in school everyday. Students without their equipment will be dismissed that day and receive a one-day suspension.

No Institute supplies or equipment may be taken out of the Institute Campuses at any time for any reason. No student is allowed to sell any merchandise on the Institute's premises.

Tuition payments must be made in a timely manner. Students with delinquent payments will be allowed 5 days to become current before discontinuation of hours. Tuition must be paid according to scheduled payment. Once a student has reached his or her contracted completion date, uncompleted student hours will be discontinued until a cash payment plan is established through the Institute Administrative Office.

Food Services:
Students are allowed to eat meals only if an Instructor gives permission. If a student dines at one of our campuses during school hours with permission, a 50% discount will be applied. Students are encouraged to dine at our Restaurant on their leisure time, thereby, a 30% discount will be honored by presentation of their student I.D. No food products, materials or supplies are allowed to be brought in by students. Students must pay for all drinks.

No illegal drugs are allowed on premises, either physically or through consumption. Drug testing may randomly be given to any student at any time. All injuries require mandatory drug testing. No alcohol is to be consumed at school or at any event or function of the school. The only exception to alcohol consumption is incidental involuntary consumption in a course or instructional setting. Students are required to spit wine during a course or instruction.

Progress Reports:
Student progress reports are issued to all students. The reports contain the following information for each student: total hours attended, total hours missed, total remaining balance on the student's account, test grades, and lab grades.

Students will be counseled upon receipt of their progress reports. Any discrepancies will be noted by the staff, verified and corrected if warranted. Students must sign their reports to acknowledge receipt of all information. These reports will remain in the students' files.

Students are allowed 8% of their course length as permitted absences. After their anticipated contracted completion date, students must pay $7.00 an hour for any remaining overtime hours.

A violation of any Institute Rule or Regulation may result in dismissal, suspension, probation, or termination. Severity of the violation is determined by the Institute on a case-by-case basis. Disciplinary actions taken are at the sole discretion of the Institute.

Rules and Regulations may be modified, amended or added by the Institute without prior notice.