Culinary Insitute of New Orleans

Institute Mission
To instruct students in the proper applications, principles and practices of their chosen courses and profession. To council on performance and allow individual progress according to skill capabilities while operating in an ethical, professional manner in preparation for an entry-level job.

Institute Practices
A. The Culinary Institute of New Orleans maintains a written record of education and training for each student. This written record clearly indicates the appropriate credits earned by each student and shall be maintained indefinitely.
B. Students may make up absent hours only with special written permission. Tardiness is excused only under special circumstances.
C. Charges for tuition, services, supplies, equipment, etc. shall not be in excess of charges made for all students pursuing the same or similar courses.
D. The Institute's Department of Student Affairs will provide references and guidance for student selection of housing.
E. The Culinary Institute of New Orleans will not use advertising that is false or misleading either by actual statement or by willful omission.
F. Student suspensions for disciplinary violations must be approved by the Institute's Director. The Director's decision is final. Students will be terminated for extreme misconduct (physical violence against students or teachers, stealing Institute food products or equipment, foul or abusive language used against teachers or clients, stealing tips, etc.). Students may be terminated for failure to make satisfactory progress while on secondary probation.
G. The Institute issues copies of the following to each student: a course outline, a schedule of tuition, fees and other charges, the official grading policy, and the
Institute’s rules of operation and conduct.
H. Qualified students are eligible to receive financial compensation from the Institute after school hours. To qualify, students must be cooperative, have a good attitude, maintain good attendance and show academic progress.
I. The Culinary Institute of New Orleans complies with all City, Parish, State, and Federal regulations concerning fire codes, building codes, and sanitary/health codes.
J. The Institute provides transcripts upon request to students and former students for the purpose of enrolling in another school or for any other valid reasons. The transcripts will include the following:
1) course name,
2) length of time the course was pursued,
3) the course curriculum fully explained,
4) the extent to which each course was completed, and
5) information concerning grades and training from the files of a previous
school furnishing a transcript.

Code of Ethics
A. The Culinary Institute of New Orleans pledges to train students in the culinary field to perform professionally, skillfully, and ethically.
B. The Institute will continually revise, improve, and upgrade its operations to keep pace with the new developments and new techniques in the culinary industry.
C. The Institute will obey all rules and regulations issued by the State of Louisiana and by other regulatory agencies.
D. Students will be taught with up-to-date training aids. Institute instructors regularly attend seminars and special lectures on new educational methods and new technical developments in the culinary field.
E. The Institute pledges to maintain an ethical and professional relationship with students, clients, staff, other culinary schools, regulatory agencies, and professionals in the culinary industry.