Culinary Insitute of New Orleans

Students Rights and Responsibilities
Students have rights in compliance with Institute policies, procedures, and the requirements of regulatory agencies. Students are responsible for the information they supply, their actions, and their inactions.

Student complaints relative to actions of school officials shall be addressed to the Louisiana State Board of Regents, Proprietary Schools Section, P.O. Box 3677, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3677. Phone (225) 342-4253 or the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE), 41 Perimeter Center East, N.E., Suite 640, Atlanta, Georgia 30346, Phone (770) 396-3898, only after the student has unsuccessfully attempted to resolve the matter with the school after having first filed a written and signed complaint with the school's officials. Students should know that any student statements found to be untrue shall result in disciplinary actions by the proper authorities.

1. Student Rights:
A. Students may review all their Institute records and files upon request.
B. Student information is not released without a signed statement of consent.
C. Full information is provided for all financial aid programs, loans and scholarships
offered by the Institute.
D. Students are informed of all application deadlines for financial aid programs and
scholarships offered by the Institute.
E. Students are informed how financial aid or scholarship is distributed. The basis for all
decisions concerning distribution of aid will be fully explained.
F. Students are informed how financial need is determined. The budget for tuition and fees,
for room and board, for travel, for books and supplies, and for personal and miscellaneous
expenses will be fully explained.
G. Students are informed what resources were considered in the calculation of awards.
Resources include parental contribution, assets, and other financial aid.
H. Students receive a full explanation of how the Institute determined their
amount of financial need.
I. Students receive a full explanation of all the programs in their financial aid package.
J. Students are informed of the Institute's refund policy.
K. Students are informed what portion of their financial aid is a loan that must be repaid
and what portion is a grant or scholarship. Loans must be repaid. The following loan
information will be fully discussed with students having loans: the interest rate, the total
amount to be repaid, the payback procedures, the length of time to repay the loan,
and when repayment begins.
L. Students receive a full explanation of the Institute's satisfactory progress
guidelines and ramifications.

2. Student Responsibilities:
A. Students must complete application forms accurately and submit them
according to deadlines.
B. Students must provide correct information. Misrepresenting information on forms
may be considered a criminal offense.
C. Students must procure and provide all documentation, verifications, corrections,
and/or other information requested by the Institute or other agencies.
D. Students must understand all forms they have signed and must retain
copies of those forms.
E. Students must know and understand the Institute's refund policy and procedures.
F. Students must consider academic program information carefully before deciding to attend.
G. Students must understand all satisfactory progress requirements and ramifications.
H. Students have the responsibility to arrange with their instructor for any necessary
work that must be made up.
I. Students must submit a financial aid transcript from each previously attended
institution regardless of whether student assistance at that institution was received.
J. Students must report any name or address changes promptly.