Culinary Insitute of New Orleans

Appeal Procedures
Students who disagree with their current progress report or any determination may appeal by filing a written notice with the school director. The written request for re-evaluation should contain all the reasons why the current progress or determination is incorrect and should include all supportive documentation.

The appeal must be received by the director within five (5) business days of the progress report or determination. Students who fail to appeal within five (5) days of a current progress report or determination lose their right of appeal. After five (5) days, the original progress report or determination is final.

An appeal hearing will be held within five (5) business days after receipt of the written appeal. The hearing shall be attended by the student, the student's instructor, and the school director. An appeal decision shall be made within three (3) business days by the director and communicated to the student in writing. The director's decision shall be final.

Subsequent to the appeal, the student's progress report status or determination shall be amended consistent with the finding of the appeal. Students who win an appeal of their unsatisfactory progress status will be restored to satisfactory progress status. If continued scholarship or financial aid eligibility was at issue and the student's appeal is granted, scholarship or financial aid shall be restored.