Culinary Insitute of New Orleans

History of the Culinary Institute
The Culinary Institute of New Orleans (CINO) offers state-of-the-art instruction in the culinary field. As a pioneer in the culinary industry, the Culinary Institute of New Orleans is constantly improving and updating its facilities and curriculum to meet the criteria necessary to maintain its status as an innovative leader in culinary education.

The City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana have always enjoyed an abundance and unique variety of fresh vegetables, seafood, meats, herbs, and spices. A mild climate of seventy-five degrees year-round creates a setting for the simple pleasures of life: people, food, and fun at private parties and social gatherings. This easy lifestyle centers around wonderful blends, mixtures, and styles of food found nowhere else in the world. It is fitting that the creative forces behind New Orleans cuisines have come together to teach what has been tasted for nearly three centuries.

The Culinary Institute of New Orleans (CINO) was established in 1984 with the goal of becoming the culinary industry leader. The vision of Mr. Bob Koehl combined with the efforts of Princess Foods and Famous Chefs—all with roots and rich traditions in the culinary and educational fields—have made this goal a reality.

These famous names in New Orleans cooking and education have joined forces to create the Culinary Institute of New Orleans. The Institute blends old styles with new styles, offering students a full view of New Orleans' long history of gastronomical delights. Students receive comprehensive training for various job positions in the culinary arts--line cook, sous chef, patissiér, garde mangér, executive chef, etc. The Institute fills a void in the constantly expanding food industry.